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Transit & Locomotive

Darrah Electric Company is THE company to call for replacement power semiconductors, assemblies, and related power components for the transit and locomotive markets.

As an authorized distributor for key European, Asian and American power semiconductor manufacturers, you can be assured of receiving, from Darrah, original equipment replacement parts.

A partial list of items available through Darrah include:

  • GTO Thyristors
  • SCR’s Thyristors
  • Rectifier Diodes
  • IGBT Modules
  • Third Rail Current Collectors Ground Return Systems
  • Locomotive Diodes
  • Pulse Transformers
  • Voltage Sensors
  • Current Sensors
  • Semiconductor Clamps
  • Replacement Stack Assemblies
  • Hazardous Voltage Detectors
  • DC contactors
  • Power Transfer Switches
  • Traction Gate Drivers
  • Dead Battery Starters
  • Heat Sinks
  • Contactors / Starters / Circuit Breakers
  • Fuses
  • Snubber Capacitors
  • Gate Drivers for GTO’s, IGBT’s, and SCR’s


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