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Metal Finishing Rectifiers

Darrah Electric Company has been manufacturing a quality line of metal finishing and plating rectifiers since 1960. Darrah offers models ranging in size from 5 amp through 50,000 amps D.C. output. All rectifiers are rated for continuous operation in either air or water cooled designs.

Choose from Powerstat, Tap Switch and Solid State SCR controls.

Our D.C. Power Supplies are designed for efficiency. Darrah uses only the highest quality materials with state of the art electronics and controls.


Our Product Line Includes:


  • Rectifiers for Decorative, Precious Metals, Zinc, Cadmium, Nickel, Chrome and Hard Chrome models
  • Laboratory and large production models – Air and Water Cooled

Anodizing and Electro-Polishing

  • Chromatic, Sulfuric, and Hard Coat Anodizing
  • Adjustable voltage ramp control
  • Process and cycle timers


  • Portable 5 Amp models through 1000 Amp production models
  • PLC interface controls, low ripple, custom programming


  • State of the art electronics
  • Small convenient enclosures
  • Water cooled DC Polarity Reversing


  • Built into new units or self-contained for use with existing rectifiers

Rectifier Replacement Parts

  • Full range of rectifier parts for all rectifier manufacturers, Popular items include Silicon Diodes, SCR’s, Meters, Fuses, Circuit Boards, and Transformers


Water Cooled Plating & Anodizing SCR Controlled Rectifiers   

Air Cooled Plating & Anodizing SCR Controlled Rectifiers   

Electro-Coating Power Supplies   

D.C. Polarity Reversing Switches   

Switchmode D.C. Power Supplies for Plating & Anodizing