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High Voltage IGBT Modules/HVIPM

This is a lineup of HV (High Voltage) IGBT modules that provide size reduction of the drive circuit, weight reduction of the system, and improved efficiency, allowing use in power electronics equipment, such as traction and large industrial machines which require high voltage and large current.
The lineup includes products having withstanding from 1.7kV to 6.5kV, contributing to high reliability as well as energy efficiency for large capacity inverter equipment.
In addition to the main H series, the new lineup includes the X series (7th generation IGBT), which further advances the R series in weight reduction with a high insulation package.
The X series has included new common frame package (LV100/HV100 type) in addition to the existing compatible package (standard type).

Main Applications
Inverter devices/converter devices/DC chopper devices

New Products
HVIGBT Module X-Series
Existing compatible package: Standard typeNew common frame package: LV100/HV100 typePositioning from conventional series(std. type)Characteristics graphOutput current characteristicsVarious current ratings for optimal system design(LV100 type)Package features (LV100 type)

Existing compatible package: Standard type
Contributes to smaller, higher-capacity inverter systems by expanding lineup

- Power loss reduced by incorporating 7th-generation IGBT and RFC*1 diode
- Industry-leading power*2 for increased inverter capacity
- The new chip set’s reduced package size, about 33% smaller than its predecessor (same voltage and current ratings), will lead to smaller inverters
- Package’s new internal structure achieves longer lifetime through improved heat dissipation, moisture resistance and flame retardance

New common frame package: LV100/HV100 type
Class-leading current density contributes to increased power output in inverter systems

- Power loss reduced by incorporating 7th-generation IGBT and RFC*1 diode
- Industry's highest 3.3kV/600A Si module power density of 8.57A/cm2*4 contributes to increased power output and efficiency
- Terminal layout optimized for easy paralleling and flexible inverter configurations and capacities
- New package structure offers extra reliability

Positioning from conventional series(std. type)

Characteristics graph

Output current characteristics

Various current ratings for optimal system design(LV100 type)

Package features (LV100 type)

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