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Center Tap Rectifier Stacks

Center Tap Rectifier Stack for Fixture Type Welding Transformers

Available for both inline and staggered lug transformer designs.
- Three output current ratings are now available: 10,000 amps, 19,000 amps and 27,000 amps.
- Water cooled and easily mount to existing transformer secondary lugs.
- Standard single phase weld controls are still used, no need for any re-wiring.
Advantages of DC over Single Phase AC in Resistance Welding
- Darrah’s DC rectifier stack will improve power factor significantly.
- Helps compensate for inadequate or sagging AC power lines.
- In larger throat fixtures, reduce inductive losses, therefore increasing welding current.
- Certain alloys exhibit improved weld quality with DC.
- Get more welding current to the weld using existing transformer and control.

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