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Inverter SCR

Item Number: P200CH12FJO
Brand: Westcode Semiconductors
Item Category:SCRs
Subcategory: Inverter
Series: P200CH
Package Style: TO-200AB
Vrrm (volts): 1,200 Volts
Vdrm (volts): 1,200 Volts
It (rms) Amps: 600 Amps
It (avg) Amps: 295 Amps
Itsm Amps: 2,700 Amps
dv/dt (V/microseconds): 200
I2T@60Hz (A2Sec): 44,100
Vtm (volts): 2.48 Volts
tq (microseconds): 25 MicroSeconds
Irrm Peak (mA): 30 MilliAmps
Idrm Peak (mA): 30 MilliAmps
Igt (mA): 200 MilliAmps
Vgt (volts): 3 Volts
Puck Size (h x dia.) in.: .57 x 1.65 inches
Junction Temp.: 257 Degrees F
Picture No.: WESB_SCR_101A212
H x W x D: .57 in x 1.65 in x 1.65 in
Net Weight: 2.47 OZ
Gross Weight: 2.47 OZ