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Dual High Power Thyristor Module

This new dual phase control thyristor module provides high power, pressure contact modules up to 6500V. Designed to convert AC to DC for medium voltage applications, modules operate at line frequencies where keeping conduction losses low are important. Higher voltage capability enables the use of standalone modules rather than requiring series connected devices to handle higher voltages. It is ideal for applications such as medium voltage motor control and soft starters.

▪ Designed for easy mounting
▪ Optimized device for low conduction losses
▪ Pressure contact for high reliability and robustness
▪ Simplify mechanical design in medium voltage systems due to high voltage capability
▪ Industry standard outline
▪ Operating temperature - 40C to + 125C
▪ High blocking voltage capability up to 6500V
▪ Short circuit failure mode
▪ Isolated baseplate
▪ High voltage drives and soft starters
▪ High voltage AC to DC converters