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Darrah Electric Company manufactures a full range of high current D.C. power supplies for use in the metal finishing, laboratory, and industrial markets.

Darrah power supplies are available with Air or Water cooling in D.C. output ratings to 50,000 Amps, up to 1,000 Volts D.C. All standard input line voltages and frequencies are available.

Darrah D.C. power supplies are engineered to meet specific customer needs and specifications.

Choose from all popular types of D.C. output control.

  • Regulated and Non-Regulated D.C. current and voltage
  • IGBT and/or PLC interface controls
  • Tap switch or stepped selection
  • Models are available in 6 or 12 pulse designs.

Ampere time meters, timers, ramp controls, and ripple filtering are just a few of the popular features available.

Design considerations are given to environment, duty cycle, size, and control. All models are designed for continuous operation and often located in harsh or corrosive atmospheres.

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Water Cooled SCR Controlled Rectifiers 7321

Water Cooled DC Power Supplies Flyer 7322