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Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

Item Number: Z480LA80A
Brand: CKE
Item Category:Metal Oxide Varistors
Subcategory: Radial Lead
Series: LA
Max Applied Voltage RMS: 480 Volts AC
Max Applied Voltage DC: 640 Volts DC
Energy (Joules): 180 Joules
Varistor Volts @ 1ma DC: 780(702-858)
Max Clamping Volts: 1,290 Volts
Max Clamping Volts-Amps: 100 Amps
Peak Current (Amps): 6,500 Amps
Typical Capacitance (pf): 420 PicoFarads
Approvals: UL
Picture No.: CKE_MOV_L95
Marking on Part: Z480LA80A
Lead Spacing: 0.39 Inches
Lead Diameter: 0.039 Inches
H x W x D: .25 in x .8 in x 1.9 in
Net Weight: .24 OZ
Gross Weight: .24 OZ