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Amps: 12
Volts: 1200

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Complete bridge with heat sinks. No assembly required.

Type of Heat Sink: 2-1/2” x 2-3/4”

Type of Diode: 20

Peak Reverse Voltage: 1200

Type of Circuit: 3 Phase Bridge

No. of Diodes in Series: 1

Rated Continuous DC Amperes at 400°C Maximum Ambient Temperature
Natural Convection: 12A
Forced Air at 800 LFM: 36A

Type of Mounting: Brackets

No. of Diodes in Parallel: 1

Blocking voltages to 1600V

Available in single or three phase bridge assemblies.

Available with bracket or bolt mounting

Can be supplied with either DO-4 or DO-5 rectifiers

Option: DC Surge Suppressor. Contact Darrah Electric for details.

  • Amps : 12
  • Volts : 1200