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Detector of direct voltage. It has a nominal voltage (Un) of 1500 and maximal repetitive volt age (Umax) of 2540. The two LEDs start flashing when the detected voltage is higher or equal 50V. The VD range offers a self-powered device based on electronic technology. Suitable for Industrial and Railway applications. Plastic case and insulating resin are self-extinguishing. The casing temperature must not exceed 105 °C. Fixing holes in the case molding for horizontal mounting. Product mounting according to the document: VD1500 range Mounting instructions Product Use and Maintenance instructions according to the document: Us e of the Voltage Detector - Preventive and Curative Maintenance VD1500 Range. Tightening torque: 2 Nm Security: Only qualified and authorized personnel may carry out any operation on the detector; without voltage applied to the terminals of the voltage detector and with the equipment (power converter) electrically isolated. Primary connection - Insert M5x7 f or terminals HT1+ and HT2+ - Insert M4x7 for terminals HT1- and HT2- Accessories LED re placement kit: LEDs with plastic support.