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Varistor Metal Oxide 242 Volt AC 334 Volt 100 Amp 390 Volt Through Hole

 The MA Series of Transient surge suppressors are axial-lead metal oxide varistors (MOVs) for use in a wide variety of board level industrial and commercial electronic equipment.

They are intended to protect components and signal/data lines from low energy transients where the small axial lead package is required.
The MA Series is offered with standard (S suffix) or tightened (B suffix) clamping voltage.
See MA Series Device Ratins and Specifications table for part number and brand information.

Package Size 3mm
VMAX AC (V) 242
Max Rated DC Voltage 334
Surge Energy (WTM) (J) 1.3
Peak Pulse Current (ITM) 1xAmps (A) 100
Nominal DC Voltage (VNDC) (V) 390
VNDC MIN (V) 351
VNDC MAX (V) 429
Max Clamp Voltage (Vc) (V) 640
Clamp Polarity Bi-directional
Typ Capacitance (pF) 12