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Power Tap Switch

The 608 series high-current non-shorting Power Tap Rotary Switch constructed to provide dependable and convenient operation. It has 15 to 100A current rating, has ceramic arc-proof bodies and metal alloy contacts. It is a reinforced non-metal body and solid metal alloy contacts, all-soldered and -riveted construction assures mechanical and operational integrity. It features high current handling capability in a small package. It has maximum 1-inch panel, three 1/4-20 flat-head machine screws 11/4-inch long, 7/16-inch drill hole in panel for 3/8-inch shaft.

100 amp, 8 position, 6" diameter

Slow-breaking, quick-make action proved best for switching AC current

Non-shorting type disconnects previous circuit before establishing contact for succeeding tap

Ceramic and metal construction provides resistance to arcing, burning and charring

Tandem assemblies available as standard models