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The centrifugal fans in our M model range with an aluminium impeller are particularly versatile and are suitable for different applications, for example, with high mechanical requirements and at high temperatures. They can be used, for example, in air conditioning and refrigeration technology, in railway operations or in drying plants. The geometry of the impeller allows it to be used both as a free-running impeller and in a spiral housing. This allows high static pressures to be achieved in conjunction with 2-pole motors.

Electrical data
3~230/400V ±10%∆/Y 50Hz P1 820W
3.20/ 1.85A ∆I=10% 1410/min COSY 0,64 70°C
3~230/400V ±10% ∆/Y 60Hz P1 1.25kW
3.80/ 2.20A ∆I=15% 1600/min COSY 0,82 40°C
3~265/460V±10% ∆/Y 60Hz P1 1.35kW
3.80/ 2.20A ∆I=15% 1650/min COSY 0,77 40°C

Technical data
Thermal class: THCL155
Electrical connection: Supply cable side,105cm
Balancing quality: G 2,5
Degree of protection: IP54
Motor protection: thermal contact
Impeller made of aluminium, unpainted
Rotor: Aluminium
Conformity: ErP nein (2013)

Efficiency ΗstatA: 48.2 %
Efficiency grade: Nactual = 59.6 / Ntarget = 58*
*Ntarget 2013, does not fulfill current requirements of the ErP directive