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HX 15-P

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Main characteristics:
Low price
17 models in 3 different versions
PCB mounting
5 years warranty
Small currents' measurement from 3 to 50ARMS nominal
Compact design
Only 2.93 cm2 as PCB mounting area are needed to support the 8g of these transducers
Measuring range up to 3 x IPN
DC, AC and pulse currents' measurements with galvanic isolation
Dual supply +/- 12 to +/- 15V and single supply + 12 to + 15V
Isolation test voltage: 3kVRMS / 50Hz / 1 min
Voltage output
Standard compliance:
EN 50178 for industrial applications such as:
home appliances
variable speed drives
air-conditioners, etc
Using UL94-VO recognized materials
European Directive EMC 89 / 336 / EEC: CE marking
A special dual primary windings version is also available for 5A, 10 and 15ARMS nominal rating
Transducers sample kits are available for each model. Each kit contains 3 transducers of the same model inside in order to allow a qualification tests' campaign.