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A70P125-4 Amp, 700V, Semiconductor fuse

125 Amps, 700 Volts AC
Semiconductor Fuse
Very Fast Acting
Current Limiting
Physical Size: 1.5" x 5.09"
AC Voltage Rating: 700
DC Voltage Rating: 650
AC Interrupting Rating: 100,000 AIC
DC Interrupting Rating: 100,000 AIC
Superior Reliability
Controlled Arc Voltage Reduces Stress to Circuit Components During Fuse Clearing
Protection of 700V or less DC Drives, UPS, Inverters, Reduced Voltage Starters
UL Recognized Component UL File E60314
AC: Guide No. JFHR2 (10-1000A)
DC Tested to UL Standard 198L Parameters (10-800A)