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Ferraz Shawmut A70P250-4 Amp-Trap 2000® Fast-Acting Blade Fuse; 250 Amp, 700 Volt AC/650 Volt DC

Ferraz Shawmut Amp-Trap 2000® A70P Series Form 101 Semiconductor protection fast-acting blade fuse operates at a current rating of 250 Amps and voltage rating of 700 VAC/650 VDC. It has controlled arc voltage feature for reducing stress to circuit components during fuse clearing. Fuse with low l2t minimizes damage to protected components on short circuit and has very fast acting feature. It can be mounted using bolt-ins and blades. It is designed for providing protections to higher voltage AC or DC drives, UPS systems, inverters and reduced voltage motor starters. It has an interrupt current rating of 10 - 1000 Amps/100 kilo-Amps at 700 VAC and 10-800 Amps/100 kilo-Amps at 650 VDC. Fuse is UL recognized and RoHS compliant.