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AHR 1000 B420 Current Transducer

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AHR 1000 B420 AC/DC Current Transducer

Motor input power with True RMS current 4-20 mA current sensing from the AHR 1000 B420 Current Transducer. The AHR 1000 B420 Current Transducer also delivers current output with galvanic isolation between primary circuit power and secondary circuit measurements. Get in touch with our experts today for orders on Current Transducers, Heat Sinks and more from Darrah Electric

DC + distorted AC waveform currents measurement
True RMS output
Busbar or panel mounting
Split core type
Isolated plastic case recognized according to UL94-V0.
High isolation between primary and secondary circuits
Eliminates insertion loss
Easy installation.
AC power supplies or Motors:
True RMS current sensing - the most accurate way to monitor power supply or motor input power
VFD Controlled Loads:
VFD output current monitoring to indicate how the motor and the attached load are operating
SCRs or Switch-mode Rectifiers:
Accurate measurement of output current
Renewable Energy Installations or Backup Batteries:
Continuous condition monitoring allowing automatic failure detection/ anticipation.