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APR 100 B420L

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Split-core transducer for the electronic measurement of AC currents(all waveforms), with galvanic separation between the primary circuit and secondary circuit. Switch selectable measuring ranges and rms 4-20 mA current output (loop powered).

VFD and SCR waveform currents measurement
True rms output
Split-core type
Loop powered 4-20 mA current output
DIN rail or Panel mounting
Switch selectable measuring ranges
Insulating plastic case recognized according to UL 94-V0
Large aperature for cable up to 18 mm
High insulation between primary and secondary circuits
Elminates insertion loss
Easy Installation
VFD Controlled Loads:
VFD output indicates how the motor and attached load are operating
SCR Controlled Loads:
Accurate measurement of phase angle fired or burst fired (time proportioned) SCRs. Current measurement gives faster response than temperature measurement.
Switching Power Supplies and Electronic Ballasts:
True rms sensing is the most accurate way to measure power supply or ballast input power.