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 As a manufacturer of DC Power Supplies and a distributor of power semiconductors, heat sinks and clamps, Darrah Electric engineering is able to offer a complete line of air and water cooled assemblies.

We provide a full line of standard and custom heat sink assemblies in all common circuit configurations, including Diode/Rectifier, Thyristor/SCR, and IGBT circuits. Our experience with our product lines and the products we distribute allow us to offer practical and economical solutions to our customers.

Darrah engineering provides full 3D assembly drawings along with thermal calculations with our quotations. All assemblies are 100% tested prior to shipping. Full load testing with thermal data capture is available upon request for prototype or production products.

Serial numbers and date codes are assigned for tracking and quality control.

A Darrah assembly can also be supplied with R/C snubbers, bus bars, fuses, thermostats, fans, current transducers, and firing circuits, to name just a few options.


Typical Applications  

Stud (Rectifier) Assemblies  

Module Assemblies  

High Current SCR Stacks for Power Generation / Excitation  

4 Quadrant Re-Gen Rectifier Assemblies  

Panel Mounted Bridges  

Pulsed Power Applications