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Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs)
Have Darrah mount a Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) to your Contactor to protect your SCR's from transient voltage surges. MOV's are ideally suited to welding applications. Their higher clamping efficiency and low steady state power dissipation offer considerable advantages in protecting the SCR Contactor and control circuitry. Darrah's MOV's feature high surge current capacity, instantaneous response in a compact and robust package. Selection of the MOV is governed by incoming line voltage and SCR voltage rating (PIV). Available in PA series or LA Series types.
R/C Snubbers
Darrah's encapsulated Resistor´┐Żand Capacitor (R/C) Snubber is ideal for SCR protection from false firing and high voltage surges commonly found in resistance welding applications. Available off the shelf, Darrah R/C Snubbers can be added for use across all SCR Contactors to 600 Volt A.C. mains.
R/C/M Snubbers
Darrah's encapsulated Resistor, Capacitor and MOV (R/C/M) Snubber further reduces labor and simplifies welding controller wiring. All three components are encapsulated and pre-wired in the same convenient packaging.
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