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Technical Library

Application Notes
Powerex 833      Using IGBT Modules
Powerex 834      Driving IGBT Modules
Powerex 854      IGBT's & Intelligent Power Modules
Powerex 899      Introduction to Solid State Power Electronics
Dynex AN4503   An Introduction to IGBT’s
Dynex AN4506   Calculation of Junction Temperature
Dynex AN4840   Gate Triggering and Gate Characteristics
Dynex AN4870   Effects of Temperature on Thyristor Performance

3014                  Electric Haul Truck OEM Replacement Parts & Service
7127                  Electro-Coating Power Supplies
7304                  Single and Three Phase Rectifier Circuits
7320                  Reconditioned Rectifiers
7321                  Air Cooled Plating & Anodizing SCR Controlled Rectifiers
7321                  Water Cooled Plating & Anodizing SCR Controlled Rectifiers
7322                  Water Cooled DC Power Supplies
7340                  Lifting Magnet & Industrial D.C. Power Supplies
7401                  Air Cooled Rectifier Replacement for GE Alterrex Water Cooled Excitation Systems
7402                  Operational Test for Air Cooled Darrex Excitation Systems
8000                  Quality D.C. Power Supplies since 1960
8001                  Power Assemblies - Air Cooled Designs (Darrah Gold)
8002                  Quality Rectifier Replacement Parts
8003                  Air Cooled Module Assemblies
8004                  Electric Traction OEM Replacement Parts for Maintenance & Repair
8005                  Power Semiconductor Clamps
8006                  SCR Contactors for Resistance Welding
8008                  Center Tap Rectifier Stacks for Fixture Type Welding Transformers
8009                  Gate Turn-Off Thyristors, GTO’s Freewheeling & Snubber Diodes
8012                  Darrah Line Card
8013                  DC Polarity Reversing Switches
8016                  Portable Power Semiconductor Tester
8017                  Three Phase Air Cooled Power Assemblies
8019                  OEM Replacement Parts for Maintenance & Repair (Mining)
8020                  DC Field Power Supply
8021                  Gate Turn Off Thyristors
8022                  Westinghouse WTA Power Drawer

Instructional Bulletins
IB 1132             GE Power Converter Handbook
IB 1148             Clamping Instructions for Power Semiconductor Clamps
IB 1149             Darrah Solid State Contactor Replacement Installation Instructions
IB 1150             Darrah Solid State Ignitron Tube Replacements Installation Instructions, Water Cooled
IB 1151             Silicon Diodes – Testing and Identifying
IB 1152             Trouble Shooting Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
IB 1153             Selection of Press Pack Power Semiconductor Clamps
IB 1154             Press-Pak High Power Semiconductors – Recommendations Regarding Mechanical Clamping
IB 1155             Testing SCR Contactors (AC Switches)
IB 1156             Evaluation of Failed Contactor Chill Blocks Due to Corrosion / Erosion
IB 1157             Water Quality for SCR Contactors
IB 1158             SCR Contactors Vital to Resistance Welding Controllers