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Published 11/08/2018

Dynex Power Inc., a leading manufacturer of high power semiconductors and electronic equipment, is pleased to announce the launch of industry-leading high-power IGBT module technology, thereby refreshing the company’s state-of-the-art IGBT offerings. These new modules cover a full range of power, up to 6.5kV at 1000A, 4.5kV at 1500A and 3.3kV at 1800A, and incorporate a choice of DMOS or latest-generation Trench-Gate technology.
The new Dynex high-power range includes IGBT modules, and associated diode modules with class-leading RBSOA performance, offering the following advantages over competitor products:
1. Latest Generation Trench-Gate designs: offering up to 30% greater power density, incorporating Dynex-proprietary LOCOS gate technology.
2. Chip options for performance optimization: a choice of up to 3 chip types per voltage level, allowing for exact tailoring and optimization of modules to specific customer applications.
3. The most robust module package: ensuring the safest energy containment and protection of the surrounding environment, should there be an unplanned event in the power electronics system.
4. 150ºC operating junction temperature: demonstrated best-in-class junction temperature, providing significant operating headroom for greater durability.
5. Demonstrable lowest total losses of any module on the market: up to 10% lower losses than the next-closest competitor product, in a typical 2-level, 3-phase inverter

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