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Ruttonsha International Rectifier LTD


Ruttonsha International Rectifier LTD, established in 1969 has a long history of manufacturing & globally marketing Power Semiconductors. Their diversified product range includes Silicon Bridges, Power Modules, discreet Diodes & Thyristors, in stud & pressure encapsulated "hockey pucks". Their Products range from 6 Amps to 5,000 Amps with Voltages up to 7,000 Volts. Applications may include: Alternators, Battery Chargers, Motor controls, Locomotives, UPS & Welding products and many other custom solutions utilizing their Discreet Power Semiconductors and Power Modules.

Darrah Electric has available off the shelf a complete product offering of Ruttonsha International Rectifier LTD products.

Product Line
Rectifier Diodes, Stud/Capsule
Phase Control SCR's, Stud/Capsule
Inverter SCR's
Fast Recovery Diodes
Thyristor/Diode Modules
Single/Three Phase Module Bridges