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Published 07/07/2017

LEM is developing smart sensors to empower the internet of energy (smart grid). LEM currently offers three smart sensors for professional and successful internet of energy management.

  • Rogowski Coil (ART)
    • New Class 0.5 Accuracy
    • Flexible and tiny for Substation (New) and Smart Building (Commercial & Industrial)
  • Split-Core CT (ATO)
    • Class 1 & 3, IEC 61869-2 for Smart Home/Residental, SMart Building (Commercial & Industrial) and Substation.
  • Wireless Energy Management (Wi-LEM)
    • Wi-LEM is a complete sub-metering network for Smart Building (Commercial & Industrial) and Substations that is fast and easy to install.

LEMcity Link

For more information visit LEMcity or contact Darrah Electric Company.